GWO has launched its new long-term strategy, ‘Workforce ’26’, designed to drive excellence and strengthen training in the global wind industry. 

This strategy focuses on four main objectives:

  1. Superior Training Quality: Setting new standards in safety and technical training, collaborating to standardize GWO training outcomes.
  2. Leadership in Workforce Development: Increasing the number of entry-level technicians trained with GWO, ensuring a team capable of sustained industry growth.
  3. Expansion in Key Markets: Strengthening their presence and completing the training offer in the top 20 markets.
  4. Innovation in Solar Energy: Assessing opportunities to train technicians in large-scale solar projects, applying expertise in standardization and quality assurance.

This vision not only reaffirms GWO’s commitment to growth and quality but also expands its focus to new areas such as solar energy.

GWO continues to reinvest in creating new standards and process improvements, thereby benefiting the entire renewable energy industry. The next three years will be crucial and promise significant advancements.