Slinger Signaller

The SLS – Slinger Signaller course is the official GWO course aimed at personnel who will work in the wind sector, especially in relation to the lifting of loads and their signaling in the environment of wind turbines. This course aims to raise awareness of the risks that these tasks involve, so that the worker who performs these tasks can protect themselves and others.

The SLS – Slinger Signaller is a course designed to provide workers responsible for signaling during crane lifting operations with the necessary knowledge to prevent accidents related to their work, ensuring their own safety and that of their colleagues, and perform the tasks safely and efficiently.

The validity of the SLS certificate is permanent.

To take the course, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be in good physical and mental condition

The course lasts 14 hours (two days) and is conducted at GWO-accredited training centers. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of permanent validity that allows you to work at any wind facility that follows the GWO standard.

Slinger Signaller

Slinger Signaller


The GWO Slinger Signaller course provides you with the knowledge and skills to perform slinging and signaling techniques during simple lifting operations, i.e. lifts made based on a lifting plan or covering known risks.

The course lasts for 14 hours (two days) and grants you an official certification with permanent validity to perform work in a wind turbine environment.

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