GWO Courses

Why get accredited with GWO courses?

GWO accreditation is essential for working safely in wind turbines. The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) has worked in collaboration with major industry companies and stakeholders to identify training needs and develop standardized training in different specialties, so you can certify in what you need without duplications. Among the leading wind industry companies that are part of GWO are Siemens Gamesa, Vestas, Acciona, Eon, Orsted, General Electric, and many more, which require their technicians to be certified in these standards.

Today, GWO accreditation has nearly 100,000 certified technicians in over 125 countries. 

How to get your certification? Prerequisites

You can enroll in GWO courses if:

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Your are over 18 years old

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You are in good physical condition

GWO courses

Choose the modality to get your GWO Accreditation according to your needs

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Fixed Training Facilities

Training at our facilities in Spain and Latin America

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Training On-Site

Training at the client’s facilities

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Digital Learning

Solution for online training according to BSTR-Partial

Basic Safety Training

Basic Safety Training

Modules: First aid, Manual handling, Fire awareness, Working at height, Sea survival.

Duration: 28 hours Onshore and 35 hours Offshore. 

Basic Safety Training Refresh

Basic Safety Training Refresh

Modules: First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Heights, Sea Survival.

Also BST Refresh Online – Partial.

Duration: 18 hours Onshore and 25 hours Offshore.


Lift Training

Lift Training

Modules: Lift User (4h), Lift Commission and Inspection (7h), and Lift Commission, Inspection, Installation and Maintenance (14h).

Duration: 25 hours.


Basic Technical Training

Basic Technical Training

Modules: BTT Hydraulic Specialty (8h), BTT Electricity (9h), BTT Mechanics (13.5h), BTT Installation (18h).

Duration: MEH 30.5 hours / MI 29 hours.


Advanced Rescue Training

Advanced Rescue Training

Courses: Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue (ART-H), Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue (ART-N), Single Rescuer – Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade (SART-H), Single Rescuer – Nacelle, Tower and Basement (SART-N).
Possibility of ART Combined with the four modules.

Duration: ART Combined 21 hours.

Blade Repair

Blade Repair

Courses: GWO Blade Repair, Siemens Gamesa Blade Repair.

Duration: 70 hours

A new essential requirement to work in blade repair in the global wind energy sector.

Enhanced First Aid

Enhanced First Aid

Courses: BST First Aid and Advanced First Aid. BST First Aid Refresh and Advanced First Aid Refresh.

Duration: 20 hours.


Control of Hazardous Energies

Control of Hazardous Energies

Modules: Basic Safety Module, Electrical Safety Module, and Pressure Fluid Safety Module.

Total duration: 22 hours.

Slinger Signaller

Slinger Signaller

Course: Signaling and Lifting Loads + Hoists.

Duration: 14 hours


Wind Limited Access

Wind Limited Access

Courses: Restricted Access Onshore and Restricted Access Offshore

Duration: 7 hours



Instructor Qualification Training

Instructor Qualification Training


  • Instructor Qualification Training Module (IQT)
  • Instructor Qualification Crossover Training Module (IQTX)
  • Instructor Qualification Trainer Training Module (IQTT)

Duration: 72 hours


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