Our courses in safety and emergency response

We offer a wide variety of courses in safety and emergency response to help individuals, companies, and institutions prepare for unforeseen situations in a constantly changing world with multiple risks. Our courses are designed to teach people how to identify, assess, and respond to different emergency situations.

The TotalHSE own security training we offer, you will find:

  • Basic SG Blade Repair: a course focused on the maintenance and repair of blades to avoid risks at work, accredited by Siemens Gamesa.

  • ATEX Confined Spaces: a course that covers the risks associated with confined spaces and how to prevent accidents.

  • PPE Inspection: a course that teaches people how to inspect and properly use personal protective equipment to prevent injuries.

  • Anchor Point Review: a course to learn how to review anchor points and maintain safety when performing work at height.

  • Electrical Risk: a course focused on preventing electrical accidents and how to handle emergency situations.

  • Rescue on AWP 3000 Blade Hub: a course to learn how to perform rescues on blade hubs and how to prevent accidents in the workplace.

  • Elevator Safety: a course that teaches how to ensure safety in the use of elevators.


How to get your certification? Prerequisites

You can enroll in our courses if:

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You are over 18 years old

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You are in good physical condition

TotalHSE own security training courses

Choose the modality according to your needs.

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Fixed Training Facilities

Training at our facilities in Spain and Latin America

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Training On-Site

Training at the client’s facilities

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Digital Learning

Online training solution

Basic SG Blade Repair

Basic SG Blade Repair


Modules: Basic blade repair.

Duration: 16 hours.

This course is accredited by Siemens Gamesa.

ATEX Confined Spaces

ATEX Confined Spaces


Modules: ATEX Confined Spaces.

Duration: 6 hours.

PPE inspection

PPE Inspection


Modules: PPE Inspection.

Total duration: 14 hours.

Review of anchor points

Review of anchor points


Modules: Review of anchor points.

Duration: 7 hours.

Electrical Risk

Electrical Risk


Modules: Electrical Risk.

Duration: 6 hours.

Shovel Rescue AWP 3000

Shovel Rescue AWP 3000


Modules: Shovel Rescue AWP 3000.

Duration: 5,5 hours.

Elevator Safety

Elevator Safety


Modules: Elevator Safety.

Duration: 2 hours.

4×4 Driving

4×4 Driving


Modules: 4×4 Driving – Vehicle recovery.

Duration: 2 hours.

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