Wind EscapeTTor

The courses offered on the Wind EscapeTTor system are designed to enhance safety and rescue skills for high-altitude work, particularly suited for professionals operating in environments like wind turbines:

  • Individual Wind EscapeTTor Evacuator Course: This basic 5-hour course with permanent validity emphasizes accident prevention through proper risk assessment and correct use of personal protective equipment. You will learn to handle the Individual Wind EscapeTTor Evacuator, improving your ability to react in emergency situations and to carry out your daily activities safely.

  • Individual Wind EscapeTTor Evacuator plus Polypasto & PasTTo Course: This course delves into the combined use of the Individual Evacuator and the Polypasto, expanding the capabilities for rescue and evacuation under complex conditions. It prepares you to implement fall prevention strategies and manage risks more effectively.

  • Instructor Course on the use of Wind EscapeTTor and PasTTo: Aimed at those who wish to train others, this course equips you to teach both the use of Wind EscapeTTor and PasTTo. As an instructor, you will ensure the correct adoption of practices and use of safety equipment, making you a fundamental pillar in safety and high-altitude rescue training.

These training sessions are crucial for becoming leaders in safety and rescue training in elevated environments, equipping professionals with the necessary tools to ensure physical integrity at the workplace.

To take the course, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be in good physical and mental condition

The course lasts 5 hours (one day) and is held at our training centers.

Individual Wind Escapettor  Evacuator

Individual Wind EscapeTTor Evacuator

The Individual Evacuator Wind EscapeTTor module is designed to equip professionals with essential safety skills and rescue techniques for working at heights, particularly in complex environments such as wind turbines or similar structures. Emphasis is placed on accident prevention through proper risk assessment, correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the adoption of rigorous safety practices.

This course, lasting 5 hours, will prepare you not only to react efficiently in emergency situations but also to conduct your daily activities safely and effectively. You will learn to use the most advanced and appropriate equipment for each specific task.

Upon completing this module, you will be qualified to:

  • Implement effective strategies for fall prevention and risk management in high-altitude environments.
  • Properly use the EscapeTTor and Wind EscapeTTor systems under any circumstances.
  • Train other instructors and end-users, thus ensuring the correct adoption of practices and the use of safety equipment.

 This course not only enhances your technical competence but also makes you a fundamental pillar in safety and rescue training at height.

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