The year 2023 has witnessed significant advancements in the field of wind energy, marking a period of growth and development both nationally and internationally. Next, we explore the five most outstanding achievements that have marked this year in the field of wind energy.

  1. World Record in Installed Capacity: The global wind park has reached an impressive milestone, surpassing 900 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity. This achievement represents a 9% growth compared to the previous year. This increase is a clear indicator of how wind energy is consolidating as a key renewable energy source globally.
  1. Spain in the Top 5 for New Wind Power: Spain has stood out on the global stage by being the fifth country with the most new wind power installed in 2023, adding 2.3 GW. This progress raises Spain’s total capacity to 28.7 GW, demonstrating its commitment and leadership in adopting renewable energies.
  1. Leadership in Electric Power Production in Spain: Wind energy has played a crucial role in Spain, becoming the leading technology in the country’s electric power production mix, with 24.9% of peninsular demand coverage. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of wind energy in generating sustainable electricity.
  1. Technological Innovations: The year 2023 has been a year of innovations in the wind sector, with the development of new technologies such as floating and vertical-axis wind turbines. These innovations not only better harness wind resources but also minimize environmental impact, marking a significant advancement in wind technology.
  1. Governmental Support and Development Promotion: Government support measures, including grants, tax incentives, and improvements in the electrical system’s connectivity, have played a crucial role in promoting the development of wind energy. These initiatives have facilitated the expansion and adoption of wind energy on a broader scale.

In summary, 2023 has been a year of successes and advancements for wind energy. From the growth in installed capacity to technological innovations and governmental support, these achievements not only demonstrate the potential of wind energy as a key renewable energy source but also establish a promising path for its future development and adoption globally.