The wind energy realm has witnessed a monumental achievement, courtesy of Chinese giant Goldwind, setting a new benchmark in renewable energy production. Its wind turbine, GWH252-16MW, has shattered records, generating an astonishing 384.1 MWh in a single day, sufficient to meet the energy needs of approximately 170,000 people.


Located in the Zhangpu Liuao offshore wind park, the GWH252-16MW is not just a technological marvel for its production capability but also for its resilience and advanced design. Despite being operational for only a few weeks, the turbine has endured the extreme conditions brought about by three typhoons, leveraging these potent natural forces to boost its performance and break production records.


The exceptional technology and design of the GWH252-16MW allow it to optimize energy capture. With blades stretching up to 123 meters and a rotor of 252 meters in diameter, the turbine spans an impressive area close to 50,000 m2. This design, coupled with real-time adaptability to wind conditions of up to 85 km/h, underscores the incredible advancement and potential of wind energy as a dominant renewable energy source.


This achievement further cements China’s position as a leader in the global renewable energy stage, showcasing how innovation and advanced technology can work together to harness extreme and challenging conditions, turning them into opportunities to push forward in sustainable and efficient energy production.

Let’s celebrate these true wind giants and their remarkable contribution to the evolution and prosperity of the global wind energy sector.