The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and the Global Solar Council (GSC) have announced a pioneering collaboration to establish training standards for solar photovoltaic (PV) energy technicians. This joint effort promises to be a crucial element in moving towards a global energy transition, with a strong commitment to clean energy.

With the ambition to minimize costs and maximize safety and productivity in the sector, this initiative seeks to end the duplication of efforts and establish a clear path towards quality training. The development of standardized training modules will cover usual work processes and associated risks, following the guidelines of leading representative bodies in the sector.

GWO, with its rich experience in training wind technicians, sees this development as an opportunity to apply its knowledge to the growing solar sector. Meanwhile, the GSC emphasizes the importance of expanding workforce training in response to the expected increase in solar capacity. This cooperation not only promises to improve the opportunities and skills of workers in the solar sector but also aims to ensure the quality and sustainability of solar installations for a fair and effective energy transition.