Wind turbines play a crucial role in generating renewable energy from the wind. These impressive structures require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance and extend their lifespan. This is where wind turbine technicians come into play, as their job is to keep the blades spinning.

Wind turbine technicians are highly trained and specialized professionals in the field of wind energy. Their work encompasses various tasks, including initial turbine installation, conducting repairs, and performing regular maintenance to prevent potential failures and optimize turbine performance.

One of the most challenging tasks for wind turbine technicians is inspecting and repairing the turbine blades. These blades, which can reach lengths of up to 70 meters, are subjected to various natural forces such as wind, rain, and lightning, which can cause damage and wear over time. Constant exposure can lead to material wear on the blades and impact their efficiency.


Performing thorough inspections and repairs on turbine blades requires specialized skills, proper training, and the use of appropriate safety equipment.

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This GWO-certified course provides up-to-date knowledge on the latest blade repair techniques, handling specialized equipment and tools, as well as the required safety awareness for working in elevated environments.


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