On December 4th, the leading training and safety organization in the wind sector, Global Wind Organisation (GWO), officially launched its new Instructor Qualification Training (IQT) standard, an initiative designed to revolutionize the way training is delivered in this constantly evolving industry.

The new IQT standard focuses on participant-centered teaching, adopting advanced methods and principles of adult learning. This approach ensures that instructors not only impart technical knowledge but also foster an interactive and participative learning environment.

The IQT standard is structured into three key modules, each designed to meet the specific needs of both new and experienced instructors:

  • Instructor Qualification Training (IQT): This module lays the groundwork for novice instructors, emphasizing effective and adaptive teaching techniques.
  • Instructor Qualification Crossover Training (IQTX): Aimed at experienced instructors, this module delves into advanced teaching and learning strategies.
  • Instructor Qualification Trainer Training (IQTT): This module is designed for those looking to lead and train other instructors, raising the level of competence across the industry.


Moreover, GWO’s recently reviewed IQT standard document highlights the importance of reflection and continuous feedback in the learning process. Lessons include plenary sessions to discuss challenges and strategies in delivering and receiving feedback, both in face-to-face and online environments. This underscores GWO’s commitment to comprehensive learning and continuous improvement.

With the implementation of IQT, GWO promises to significantly elevate the quality of instruction and, consequently, safety throughout the wind industry. This is an exciting and necessary step forward to ensure that training in the wind sector keeps pace with its rapid technological and operational advancements.

Stay tuned for more updates and details on this groundbreaking standard. Training and safety in the wind industry are about to take a major leap forward!