The offshore wind energy industry has seen significant growth in 2023, leading to a greater focus on workplace safety. According to the report from the Global Offshore Wind Safety Organization G+, members reported 1,679 incidents, a 94% increase from 2022. This increase is partly due to an additional 17.3 million operating hours worked, reflecting the sector’s rapid growth.

Despite the rise in incidents, key safety metrics such as the total recordable injury rate (TRIR) and the lost time injury frequency (LTIF) remained stable. Additionally, the percentage of high-potential incidents was reduced to 11%.

David Griffiths, G+ Chair and Head of Health and Safety at SSE Renewables, highlighted the need for a collective effort to improve safety. Nick Wayth, CEO of the Energy Institute, emphasized the importance of not being complacent and mitigating risks at all stages of project development.

The report highlights the need to improve safety practices in lifting operations, vessel operations, and routine maintenance, critical areas as the industry continues to expand.