In 2023, Spain has marked a milestone in the history of renewable energies. With a significant focus on wind and photovoltaic energy, the country has demonstrated a firm commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future. In this article, we will explore Spain’s key achievements in the renewable energy sector over the past year.

Wind Energy Leads the Way:

Wind energy has been a dominant force in Spain’s energy landscape, generating 23.5% of electricity in 2023. This achievement underscores the importance of wind in the national energy mix.

Simultaneously, photovoltaic energy has shown impressive growth, contributing 14% to the energy mix. This increase reflects the potential of solar energy in Spain. Learn more about our initiatives in solar energy here.

A Historic December:

December 2023 was a record month for renewable energies, with 54.6% of electricity production coming from renewable sources. This month closed a year of unprecedented achievements in the sector. 

Renewable energies reached a milestone with a 50.4% share in the national energy mix, exceeding all expectations. In turn, peninsular electricity demand experienced a growth of 3.7% in December, indicating an increasing trend in energy consumption.

Commitment to the Environment:

An impressive 78% of December’s electricity production was free of CO2 emissions, reaffirming Spain’s commitment to environmental protection.

These achievements are just the beginning. Spain continues to advance towards a greener and more sustainable energy future.


For more information on global trends in renewable energies, see the International Energy Agency report.

2023 has been a crucial year for renewable energies in Spain, with wind and photovoltaic energy leading the way. These advances not only represent an achievement in terms of energy production but also a significant step towards sustainability and environmental protection. At Total HSE, we are committed to continuing to support and promote these initiatives. For more information about our projects and services, visit Total HSE.