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Ilustración de centros de formación GWO e IRATA de Total HSE señalados en un mapa mundi en: España, Chile, Costa Rica, México e Israel.

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We provide training in all GWO standards

We were the first training provider in the world to offer all training standard courses certified by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). We provide all existing official courses in health and safety required in the wind industry, including:

  • Basic Safety Training (BST, BST Refresh, BST Refresh Online Partial)
  • Basic Technical Training (BTT)
  • Advanced Rescue Training (ART)
  • Blade Repair (BR) 
  • Slinger Signaller (SLS)
  • Enhanced First Aid (EFA)
  • Lift Training (LT)

Soon, we will offer Control of Hazardous Energies (CoHE), the newest GWO standard.

We are also providers of IRATA training, the leading authority for rope access and vertical work.

Choose now the certified standard training that best suits you!

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GWO Training

Learn everything about the GWO standards required to work in a wind turbine environment.

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IRATA Training

Learn everything about the IRATA programs on rope access and work at heights.

About us

Safety training is of vital importance for companies and their employees. That is why at Total HSE we are constantly working to offer quality services and programs that can exceed the expectations of all our clients. We have highly qualified instructors with multidisciplinary training and many years of experience behind them.

We currently have four accredited training centers and aim to expand nationally and internationally. At any of our centers you can train in all official courses of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and IRATA.

Our accreditations

Our courses meet all the norms and requirements according to the standards of independent certification bodies.

Survey results about student satisfaction on our GWO courses

  • Course syllabus 87% 87%
  • Organization 89% 89%
  • Teaching resources 86% 86%
  • Teaching staff 89% 89%
  • Course development 89% 89%
  • General assessment 89% 89%


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