Due to the sanitary measures taken by almost all the governments of the world to contain and slow down the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the disease COVID-19, the IRATA executive has decided to implement measures with immediate effect.

We take into account that the certification of some of our technicians will expire without being able to renew it for reasons beyond their control (Unavoidable Expiry, Inevitable Expiry) and that, due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 emergency, it will not be possible for said technicians to be trained in the required renovation and updating course.

It is important that IRATA certification maintains its integrity and value in the industry, and the safety of our technicians is one of the priorities that guide the decisions we make. It is not possible to extend the validity of an IRATA certificate without first conducting on-site training, followed by a practical evaluation. For all these reasons, remote training and assessment are not valid for the IRATA system.

To solve this problem without anyone breaking the security and confinement measures established in your country, we are preparing an electronic procedure that allows IRATA technicians to request an extension period of the validity of their certificate. It is a temporary solution applied only by and for the containment measures of COVID-19, as long as they do not allow training companies, advisers and technicians to operate in the usual way.

Thanks for your cooperation.