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Why certify your skills with Global Wind Organisation?


GWO has identified the wind sector training needs. Using the collected data, GWO in collaboration with stakeholders has developed and mapped standardized training itineraries. Basic Safety Training (BST) and Basic Technical Training (BTT) are the two primary courses GWO members follow, but there are many more GWO courses and new ones are developed constantly according to the industry’s needs. At present, about 67,000 technicians from more than 125 countries certify their skills with GWO training standards.

Do you want to learn more about GWO courses and training standards? Visit the Global Wind Organisation’s website here.

GWO courses


Global Wind Organisation offers a wide range of training courses, each and every one of them specialized in a specific area so that you can certify your skills as you need, without redundancies. GWO standards focus on the real risks wind technicians face in their actual work. Below you have a list of all GWO courses. Choose the one that suits you!

Basic Safety Training

Modules: First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Heights, Sea Survival. 

Also available BST-Refresh and BST- Refresh Partial Online

Hours: 40 hrs (48 hrs if offshore)

Basic Technical Training

Modules: Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics, Installation

Hours:  32 – 50 hrs

Advanced Rescue Training

Courses: Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue, Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue, Single Rescuer – Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade, Single Rescuer – Nacelle, Tower & Basement. 

Also available Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue Refresh (including Working at Heights Refresher Course) and Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade Rescue Refresher.

Hours:  2 Modules 24 hrs / Separate modules 10 hrs

Enhanced First Aid

Course: Enhanced First Aid

Also available Enhanced First Aid Refresher course.

Hours:  24 hrs

Blade Repair

Courses: GWO Blade Repair, Siemens Gamesa Blade Repair.

Hours:  70 hrs

Slinger Signaller

Course: Slinger Signaller / Rigger Signal Person

Hours: 16 hrs

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Hear the experts

By definition, the BST has improved the alignment and quality of safety training because we now have a standard that delivers a baseline of competence. As an owner/operator of wind turbines, we wouldn’t allow anyone to work on site without the certification.
Dr. Jill Lees

Director of HSE and Sustainability, E.ON Climate & Renewables