New collaboration agreement of Total HSE in Chile

We are happy to inform you all that the Total HSE family has gained a new member: a renowned member of the National Technical Training School for Work at Height & Rescue with Rope (E.N.A.C.T.R.A.R.) from Chile, with whom we have signed a long-term collaboration agreement — which we hope will strengthen both organizations.

Hand in hand with its director, Sebastian Sologuren, and his impressive team of professionals, in brief, we will incorporate all the certifications and professional training that Total HSE provides in the centers of Navarra, Seville (Spain) and San José de Costa Rica.

With this agreement we reinforce the leadership position in the Spanish-speaking markets, and we continue our expansion plan towards new markets with the vocation of continuing to add value to our clients, wherever they go throughout the world.

The new center will gradually incorporate the most demanded programs and certifications. Total HSE is one of the few companies worldwide that provides all GWO courses.

Total HSE has extensive experience in providing the BST and BSTR (Basic Safety Training) training programs, essential for operating in the wind sector, as well as the more specialized BTT (Basic Technical Training), EFA (Enhanced First Aid) programs, SLS (Slinger Signaller) and very prominently, the BR (Blade Repair) program.

All of the above foresees us a future full of challenges and a lot of work, but hopeful in the hands of such important colleagues as our partners at E.N.A.C.T.R.A.R.