The safe return to GWO training

According to an online survey conducted by GWO, training centers expect 59% of typical course volumes in May, reaching 91% in July.

Companies are proceeding with caution and careful preparation by tailoring their centers to minimize risks to participants, instructors, and center staff upon reopening.

During the pandemic, up to 1,000 technicians each week saw their basic safety training certificates expire, with limited access for retraining.

“24% of the usual number of courses took place globally in the weeks since most economies were blocked,” adds Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of GWO. “For employers in the wind industry, this poses a significant security risk to their workforce, as skills such as first aid tend to be forgotten without refresher training.”

In April 2020, GWO implemented new digital versions of its training standards to meet the challenges of confinement and social distancing. Digital options limit participants ‘and instructors’ exposure to the virus.

“The market has responded quickly to implement the new GWO online classroom training standard we call BSTR-P,” adds Jakob. “This interim measure has helped employers deploy technicians in the field, keep our wind turbines spinning, and do so with the confidence that their technicians’ vital safety skills will not be found to gain in the event of an accident at work.”